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Using innovation to change the reality of lung monitoring and bring peace to millions


Our focus is bringing affordable and accessible lung health to everyone. People over profit drives our pricing and decision-making, the world is a diverse place and we will respect that.


What sets us apart is the drive to constantly improve what is available to patients worldwide. Advancement in technology allows us to bring the next step in lung health.


There is comfort in knowing things, and for too long millions have had to live with the anxiety that comes with never knowing their health status. We aim to bring that peace of mind to all.

Spiromann is a passionate team devoted to bringing peace to millions. We are a company that looks to innovation to enhance what others considered good enough and transform it into an instrument that will reach all who need it at a price that does not gate keep peace of mind. Tenacity has kept Spiromann working towards this goal for years and as we have reached the precipice we are even more driven than ever.

SPIROMANN ApS is an innovative med-tech company that is developing a lung health monitoring device. Our purpose is to provide access to lung health management to everyone who needs it, from people here in Denmark to those in third-world countries. We are focusing first on the hundreds of millions of people worldwide coping with asthma to provide the assistance and assurance that comes with being able to monitor your health from anywhere.

SPIROMANN Explanatory video

The Intelligent Personal Portable Infalmmometer, or IPPI. What is an IPPI? The revolutionary next step in lung health monitoring for asthma patients. This device is an ambitious and high-tech piece of technology designed to measure and analyze lung function and exhaled gasses for diagnostic purposes. Simply put, the IPPI will help monitor your lung health from a simple breath, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

The Science

Healthy lung endothelial cells synthesize nitric oxide (NO). The infected endothelial cells lose their ability to maintain NO production. Levels of lung NO can be an indicator of lung health and can be monitored to monitor COVID-related ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and other allied exacerbations. Alterations of gas transport may be present even in subjects who had mild COVID-19 pneumonia and no or minimal persisting CT abnormalities.

Why Spiromann

SPIROMANN’s device is a hand-held device offering a cheaper, faster, and more user-friendly option compared to existing alternative devices on the market. This device can be used wherever you are and can be used to monitor real-time physiological responses, e.g., to the virus. If linked to a local medical practitioner or hospital, a daily assessment of the lung function of individuals will give better judgment when handling medication or deciding a course of action (hospitalization or need of oxygen, etc.) for the user of the IPPI. To this end, a clinical trial to establish of the above claims using the commercial scale device is necessary.

Quality of life matters, and that is what we are here to improve. From helping a worried parent give their child the best care, to adventurous souls seeking to live their life to the fullest while still being responsible for their health, we are here to help. Circumstances are as unique as each individual, but everyone deserves to be able to take control of their own illness. Our final product will be a pocket-size personal device that you can use anywhere, anytime you are concerned or even just curious about how your lungs are performing. When the need strikes you will be able to breathe into the device and it will measure and analyze fractional exhaled Nitrogen Oxide (FeNO). This analysis will enable asthma patients to take control and lead informed lives.

Words from asthma patients discussing our IPPI…

“…Yes, definitely that would be helpful to know when you need to see your doctor”

“…“This device can be especially good for people like me who have breaks in their coughing attacks and want to know what their current situation is…”

“….I will use it to calm me down when I think I am not OK””

Introducing: The Team

Co-Founder and CEO

Neta is an expert in product
development and innovation
with years of experience in project management and business development


Co-Founder and CTO

Dan is an expert in multidisciplinary system designs with emphases on micro-mechanicals, microelectronics, biosensors, HW- & SW- architecture & IPRM.

Jesper Ellegard

Co-Founder and Advisor

Jesper is an expert in data analysis, artificial intelligence, and a multitude of software

Mohsen Sharifpur


 Professor Sharifpur is the Head of the Nanofluids Research Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Pretoria and is known for his contemporary insights and innovative way of thinking

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