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The Intelligent Personal Portable Inflammometer (IPPI)

What is an IPPI? The revolutionary next step in lung health monitoring for asthma patients. This device is an ambitious and high tech piece of technology designed to measure and analyze lung function and exhaled gasses for diagnostic purposes. Simply put, the IPPI will help monitor your lung health from a simple breath, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

How It Works

Our final product will be a pocket size personal device that you can use anywhere, anytime you are concerned or even just curious about how your lungs are performing. When the need strikes you will be able to breathe into the device and it will measure and analyze  fractional exhaled Nitrogen Oxide (FeNO). This analysis will enable asthma patients to take control of their illness and lead informed lives.

Why It Matters

Quality of life matters, and that is what we are here to improve. From helping a worried parent give their child the best care, to the adventurous soul seeking to live their life to the fullest while still being responsible with their health, we are here to help. Circumstances are as unique as each individual, but everyone deserves to be able to take control of their own illness.